Refurbished folding rollers

Herzog-Heymann „Pharma“

Falztec now offers the “Pharma folding rollers” especially for thin-print paper. These rollers have been specially developed for grammages from 28 to 60 g/m², with the benefit of Aquascoring. The coating, made of high-quality hard PU has a significantly longer service life than the standard solid rubber rollers. Furthermore, there is a cost saving aspect when overhauling these folding rollers, because overtaking is possible up to 6 times without any problems.

Quick availability and quick overhaul of your rollers!

Even if the folding roller you need is not in stock, it can be manufactured and sent to you in a maximum of 10-15 working days. A Herzog – Heymann “Pharma Folding Roller” from Falztec can be overtaken within 2 days.

We can offer you the „Pharma“ folding roller for the following models:

Herzog-Heymann KL 112 – 35 cm

Herzog-Heymann KL 112 – 45 cm

Herzog-Heymann KL 112 – 52 cm

Herzog-Heymann M7.32 – 32 cm

Herzog-Heymann M7.32 – 42 cm

Herzog-Heymann M7.32 – 52 cm

Herzog-Heymann M7.40 – 42 cm

Herzog-Heymann M7.40 – 52 cm

Herzog-Heymann M7.40 – 72 cm

Herzog-Heymann M8.40 – 42 cm

Herzog-Heymann M8.40 – 52 cm

Herzog-Heymann M8.40 – 72 cm

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Just contact us! We can still help you and offer you something suitable.