Premium Rebuild folding machines

Professionally Rebuilt Machines – Falztec GmbH pays a lot of attention to the quality and reliability of the used machines. All folding machines and equipment are refurbished by Falztec.

With the premium rebuilds, customers have the option of a special service that goes beyond the scope of a normal refurbishment of a folding machine.

In the premium rebuild, only the basic mechanical body of the machine is used, everything else is replaced and repaired to match a new machine.

In the process, they are completely disassembled, repaired and repainted in our own unique colors. The machines are technically upgraded to new condition, and before delivery, all rebuilt machines go through various tests to ensure a proper production process. As this procedure differs greatly from that of the company’s competitors, these units are called Falztec Premium Rebuild folding machines.

Whether it is a single unit or a complete system, we will be happy to help you design and implement your project.

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