Refurbished folding rollers
MBO Binder

All folding rollers are also available as segment folding rollers. The listed folding rollers are available in standard and high grip. If your folding rollers are not listed, we can overhaul your folding rollers directly.

MBO high-grip spiral roller soft PU

Due to the mixed-cell structure, the soft PU is the powerful antithesis to the compact hard PU. Due to the micro-cell structure, the soft PU is wear-resistant and has a very high volume compressibility. High folding accuracy is achieved even at high speeds.

MBO high-grip spiral roller with soft PU on the upper folding rollers and hard PU coating on the lower ones. Allows a faster machine run and is perfect for smooth and varnished printed sheets with a paper weight of 80 to 120 g / m².

MBO high grip spiral roller hard PU

The MBO standard spiral roller with hard PU coating can be used for all papers and grammages. Due to the closed surface of the hard PU, you can clean this coating without problems even if it is dirty. Please only use approved cleaning agents, which you can find under accessories.

The MBO standard spiral roller with hard PU coating is characterized by a very long service life.

MBO Virotec hard PU folding roller

Compared to the standard rollers, this model has PU rings instead of spirals. In addition, the folding rollers are equipped with a narrower steel segment than the polyurethane rings. This results in an overlap of the polyurethane rings. At Falztec, Virotec folding rollers are only available in soft PU.

As an alternative to the MBO Virotec, there is also the option of the MBO rollers as an extra grip (Heidelberg profile). These are available as options in hard and soft PU.

Combination folding machines

MBO K820

MBO K800

MBO K800 Virotec

MBO K8 Virotec

MBO K760



MBO K535

MBO K530

Pocket folding machines

MBO T820

MBO T800

MBO T800 Virotec

MBO T800 2. folding unit

MBO T800 3. folding unit



MBO T535

MBO T530

MBO T500

MBO T460


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